About Vakoo

Vakoo is an international manufacturer and distributor of electronic gadgets and accessories. With an unwavering belief in creating innovative designs, delivering reliable products, offering favorable prices, and providing exceptional customer service.We are working hard to become your "Favorite Shop"offering the widest range of Cell Phone Accessories within our niche. 


At Vakoo,we mainly engaged in handy electronic products' accessories with style, our product lines involve Cases & Covers, Bluetooth Speakers & Headsets,Batteries & Chargers, Hubs & Readers, Keyboards & Protectors, and Micro USB Cables & Lightning Cables. We desire for phone and tablet users to enjoy their gadgets stylishly and durably with the long 'wear and tear' guarantee.


We are able to produce unique products from time to time and we keep on improving our line and range as we research our industry and listen to our customer feedback and recommendations, so feel free to contact us anytime via Email:
mia@vakoogroup.com .


Why Choose us? 
Provide warranty to all customers who buy from Vakoo;
Provide Fast and Free Shipping for the vast majority of our products;
Provide best customer services during and after the sale.